Costa Rica Part 2

My body was drenched in sweat and I woke up gasping for air only to welcome more hot humid air into my lungs. I wish I could have taken more clothes off but I wasn’t wearing any. The four of us slept in Chris’s 300 square foot apartment with no air conditioning. The apartment is constructed out of cinder blocks that bake during the day and conveniently carry the Costa Rican heat into the night. Despite the terrible quality of sleep I was stoked to have landed a spot to crash with this crew.

Brit and I woke up early and walked down to the beach of Playa de Oso Marina. On that walk I could feel that Uvita was a special place. The local people were awake at the crack of dawn and greeted us with a warm ‘Buenos Dias’ complimented by a smile. The beach stretched long and wide into the morning sun that was just starting to peek over the jungle. I looked around and there was only one other person on the beach with his two dogs romping around in the sand. I took a deep breathe and absorbed the tranquility I was experiencing. Welcome to Uvita.

Uvita is a little big town found on the lower third of the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. The population I am told is actually quite large but is spread out enough that it has a sleepy feel to it. We met up at the Flutterby Hostel for a quick breakfast before heading to surf. The waves were a little better in the nearby town of Dominical so we jumped in the car and headed that way. We spent a couple hours of catching white wash and mostly closeouts on our longboard rentals.


We then jumped in the car, grabbed some beers and met up with a group of Chris’s friends at the river. As I looked into the rearview mirror Brit and Cat’s heads reminded me of a couple of bobble heads as we bounced our way through the back jungle road. We cut our way through some tall grass as we heard some music playing in the distance. We arrive to a gentle flowing river with a groupe of people taking advantage of Mother Nature’s perfectly shaped lounge chairs in the rocks around the water. The scene was so vibrant, the green from the jungle, people laughing and sharing beers while enjoying life.

We were only there for 30 minutes or so when I look back and people are crowded around Cat. I walk up to her to see what is going on and blood is coming from her foot. She had slid down the rocks and cut her foot in the river. Cat might be one of the toughest women I have ever met and was hesitant to go to the doctor. It was pretty bad. I put her on my back and we hiked out of the jungle. The crew was following closely behind with our things. All of us relatively new friends worked together to get her to the doctor as quickly as possible. She was a little bummed about the stitches but she made the most of it the rest of the trip.

The rotation between rivers and ocean had become my new daily routine for a couple weeks. Throw in some good local coffee and fresh mangos from the trees outside my door I was questioning if life could get any better. I felt so alive and stoked. Pura Vida.



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