The good news is I lost my job

Six months ago I landed a new gig that seemed too be good to be true. I had spent the previous six months traveling around the world with my girlfriend at the time, taking pictures, doing lots of yoga and surfing. I knew I had to tap back into a ‘real’ job, as my debt was quickly piling up. I had lunch with a guy in Denver who owns a small tech company. One hour later he says he wants to hire me. Great! Wait, Why? What are we doing? I was willing to ride the uncertainty out because the pay was great, and I wanted to see where this would end up. Three months later the conversation of doing cool design turned into me being asked to do sales. Sales is my kryptonite, at least the traditional idea of sales. Another three months of sales, confusion, and no direction, I was notified that the too-good-to-be-true company no longer needed my services. (At least they didn’t want to pay for them.)

Louis C.K. said, “…Divorce is always good news. I know that sounds weird, but it’s true because no good marriage has ever ended in divorce. It’s really that simple.”

It’s so true… right? Losing my job is good news. I have been conflicted for some time with repeating patterns in my life that were not making me happy. One of the biggest patterns continued to show up in my career path.  The jobs that I had been conditioned to look for required a certain amount of income because of my bills. I did all the right things in pursuing a new job. Tap into your network and be patient for the right introduction. One problem, my professional network viewed me with a filter as a stylish sales guy (at least that’s what I have been told.). I am very grateful for the opportunities that have unfolded through my network, but I will no longer being tapping into the well of sales. Don’t get me wrong, I view sales as a very valuable skill, and we all utilize it every day to some extent.

Now that I have accepted I will not be making a certain amount of money, I can ask myself some real questions. I mean really get deep with good questions. Where do you see yourself in five years? How will you get there? What is your relationship with money? Where is there an excess? Why are you paying a mortgage in a two bedroom house as a single dude?  By answering some of these questions, I can create some freedom to pursue a new career path. Did I mention that answering some of these questions has been a little terrifying?

How do challenges present themselves in your life? Do you feel stuck repeating the same patterns? Have you give yourself a chance to answer some of those tough questions?

Please join me on my journey over the next year as I share my stories of transformation and travels. I hope that sharing these stories provide some comfort as you might see yourself in me, as I see myself in you. (They say something similar to that at the end of my yoga classes and I like it. So I stole it. I mean, borrowed it. Ha!) Much love.



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